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Image: An example of how the DDSN extranet is managed using the cm3 content manager, DDSN's powerful packaged content management system. What is the DDSN Extranet?

It is an online resource centre which allows the people
working with DDSN to gain access to:

  • Work in progress
  • Live online support and development services
  • Archived documents
  • Billing and account management systems
  • Communication and development tools
  • ... and a whole range of other useful tools and information that are relevant to our work together.

Public Access World (Public Access)

Some parts of the DDSN Extranet are available to everyone. Accessing the publicly available tools and information is just the same as browsing a standard website.

Private Access Lock (Members Only)

When you start working with us, we will supply you with a username and password to use for accessing the secured parts of the DDSN Extranet.

Once you have access details, you can login using the various links on the home page, the quick links menu (at the top of your screen), or by clicking on any of the faded links to private functions throughout the site.

A view of the DDSN Extranet Where from and where to?

The DDSN Extranet was launched in late 1997 as an extended service to clients, as part of our commitment to excellence in everything we do. In the early days, it consisted of little more than a collection of files that were more convenient to access online rather than send by email.

The DDSN Extranet has proved to be an invaluable resource for both us and our clients - Today, it's an absolutely vital part of our business.

Over the last few years, the site has grown organically out of our need to provide our clients with information, and our clients' requests to be provided with information and online business tools.

The DDSN Extranet has also become a great place to trial the new technologies that we're creating in a real business environment before they are deployed for our clients.

In the new millenium, we're continuing to expand the site and the services we offer via it.

We really appreciate your input...

We couldn't have built or operated this site without your support and feedback, and for this we're grateful. Please keep it coming - especially if there are functions or pieces of information that you'd like to see added to the Extranet!

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